Lia Siegelman

Assistant Professor

As a physical oceanographer, I aim to understand how ocean dynamics impact our climate. I have a penchant for the high-latitudes and a keen interest in understanding how scale interactions affect the dynamics of geophysical fluids. I also study planetary atmospheres. My research leverages a combination of in situ data, remote sensing observations as well as realistic and idealized numerical simulations.

Kylie Kinne

Graduate Student

I am a PhD student in physical oceanography. I study how icebergs affect fjord circulation both as sources of buoyancy and as mechanical barriers toflow. I’m also interested in the way that glacially-modified water exits fjords and participates in the large-scale overturning circulation. My research uses field observations from Sermilik fjord in combination with numerical modeling techniques.

Félix Vivant

Visiting Graduate Student

I am a graduate student in the physics department at ENS Paris-Saclay, visiting SIO for ten months. I study the influence of air-sea interactions on synoptic-scale meteorological processes. Iam currently trying to understand the impact of ocean (sub)mesoscales present in western boundary currents, such as the Kuroshio Extension, on the intensification and trajectory of extratropical cyclones. To do so, I am analyzing a global coupled ocean-atmosphere simulation at a km-scale resolution ran at NASA/JPL.

Lily Dove

NOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow

With my research, I seek to better understand and constrain the role of the ocean in the global carbon cycle. I am broadly interested in how mesoscale and submesoscale dynamics, particularly in the Southern Ocean, affect the efficiency with which carbon dioxide can be transferred from the atmosphere to the deep ocean. I approach these questions by using in situ observations from autonomous vehicles and numerical models to study interactions between ocean physics and biogeochemistry. Outside of work, I engage high school students with the wonderful world of climate science through outreach in Providence Public Schools.


Past Lab Members


  • Elisa Carli (2023, visiting graduate student from LEGOS, Toulouse France)